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Other ways to help


Although everything is tested on a large variety of both actual and virtual devices, there might still be something that either doesn't work or works in "mysteries ways". It is the intention that these Apps and Games should work for everyone - regardsless. So if you found something that does not work on your device or you think could be improved; then let your voice be heard through the contact form on the About page. Thank You!


Is one of the releases not currently available in your native tongue, and you are fairly good at English; then send a message through the contact form on the About page, so you can recieve the complete list of words and phrases to translate.


If you are a graphics artist there are many ways in which you can help out. Both future projects, and already released ones, could greatly benefit from a talented graphics artist. In some cases I may have a specific wish list, while in other cases you could be the one who decides the direction and expression of the project. You will naturally be credited for your work and we can figure out. Send me a message using the contact form on the About page, if you want to take part and contribute in this manor.